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Capturing the Complexity of the Human Gut

Altis Biosystems has created a next-generation in vitro cell-based culture models of the intestinal epithelium for human relevant preclinical modeling of intestinal inflammation, toxicity, bioavailability, and barrier integrity

Through the replication of native human biology, our innovative intestinal stem cell platform delivers a wealth of physiologically relevant preclinical insights, ultimately enhancing the performance of clinical trials and diminishing the necessity for animal testing.


RepliGut® Systems

The RepliGut® model systems, derived from adult human donor stem cells, are designed to replicate the complex structure of the human small intestine and colonic epithelium using a standard user friendly format. These models offer a more biologically accurate approach to screening compounds, modeling diseases, and conducting microbiome research.

The RepliGut® model delivers valuable data insights, rapid screening capabilities, and an unparalleled biobank of ethically sourced donor intestinal cells, paving the way for more effective compound screening, disease modeling, and microbiome research.



Intestinal Barrier Function

Maintains barrier integrity with high TEER values

Inflammatory Response

Inflammatory Response

Directly stimulate with proinflammatory cytokines for mechanistic insights


GI Toxicity

Screen compounds for 
drug-induced GI toxicity early


Intestinal Drug Disposition

More relevant metabolic activities than Caco-2 cells (cancer cells)


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