Applications of RepliGut® Planar Models

RepliGut® Planar models are intestinal stem-cell derived, direct to membrane culture models to advance the understanding of human intestinal biology.

Why RepliGut® Planar?

RepliGut® Planar models recreate the biology of the human intestine using a convenient membrane supported culture platform. These models represent the different regions of the intestine enabling physiologically relevant and translatable study of inflammation, toxicity, bioavailability, barrier integrity, and host-microbe interactions.

Key Applications



Chronic inflammation of the GI tract is implicated in a number of human diseases such as inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). Over time, inflammation can lead to increased gut permeability, systemic inflammation, and other adverse reactions.

RepliGut® Models can be stimulated to induce an inflammation response that impacts intestinal barrier integrity enabling study of the efficacy of anti-inflammatory drugs.



GI toxicities are the most common adverse event associated with therapeutics. Historically, GI toxicity is poorly anticipated in preclinical development due to lack of predictive model systems.

RepliGut® Models are cultured in a convenient platform that enables testing for toxicity to both proliferative and post-mitotic cell lineages using treatment paradigms on either apical or basolateral surfaces.



Intestinal absorption assays are often performed using the Caco-2 cell model, which lack many of the active transporters and metabolic enzymes that contribute to clinical bioavailability.

RepliGut® Models express metabolic and transporter proteins more in line with in vivo patterns. Furthermore, RepliGut® Models can be derived from multiple donors and different intestinal regions for a more thorough understanding of drug candidate bioavailability.

Key Features of RepliGut® Planar

The standardized plate format with access to both apical and basal surfaces enables wide range of assays to suit your needs.

Transwell Illustration
  • The RepliGut® Models are created using a biomimetic scaffold that not only supports the well-being of the cells but also provides a protective barrier, shielding them from the cassette's rigid semi-permeable membrane. This essential feature ensures the viability of the cells and enhances their overall functionality.

  • The innovative design of the RepliGut® Models incorporates apical and basal reservoirs, which enable compounds, additional cell types, and epithelial cells on both the basal and apical surfaces to interact effectively. This unique feature significantly expands research opportunities and fosters improved understanding of cellular processes.

  • The user-friendly design of RepliGut® Planar is highly advantageous for conducting a wider range of downstream assays, including imaging and barrier studies. In contrast to spherical organoids of varying sizes and shapes, RepliGut® Planar allows for convenient access to the apical surface of the epithelium, effectively enhancing the development of downstream assays.


RepliGut® Kits

The RepliGut® kits come in two convenient sizes, 12 or 96 wells, tailored to meet the specific needs of scientists. These comprehensive kits provide everything scientists require to cultivate cells within their own facility, featuring a precoated membrane support multiwell plate, region-specific stem cells, and culture media.

SMALL INTESTINE Duodenum, Jejunum COLON Transverse

Multiple Donor Biobank

Unrivaled biobank with multiple donors, allows customers to choose regional specificity of the small intestine and colon from donors of different demographic backgrounds to further enhance study data. Fit-for-purpose specimens, aligned with scientific objectives, and the guaranteed ability to work with the same donor for years.

Different demographic backgrounds to further enhance study data

Different demographic backgrounds to further enhance study data

Guaranteed ability to work with the same donor for years

Ability to work with the same donor for years

Multiple regions available from small intestine and colon

Multiple regions available from small intestine and colon

Ethics Committee approved organ procurement

Ethics Committee approved organ procurement

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