Human Intestinal Mucus

Harvested from primary human transverse colon epithelia, RepliGut® Mucus reprises the complex composition and biophysical properties of native intestinal mucus for standalone studies

The Importance of the Mucus Layer for Maintaining Intestinal Health

Human intestinal mucus is an essential component of the gastrointestinal tract, playing a pivotal role in maintaining gut health and functionality. GI mucus is a polymer gel composed of a complex mixture of glycoproteins, lipids, electrolytes, and water which forms a protective barrier against harmful pathogens, mechanical damage, and noxious chemicals. 

In addition to its protective function, GI mucus provides the interface between the host epithelium and microbes, which fosters a symbiotic relationship with the gut microbiota, influences immune responses, and aids in nutrient absorption. Moreover, GI mucus provides lubrication essential for smooth digestion and waste elimination.

The mucus layer lies on the surface of a healthy intestinal epithelium protecting the epithelium from the harsh elements of the intestine including pathogenic bacteria and chemicals in the diet. When the mucus layer breaks down, these pathogens contact the epitheliumcausing damage and inflammation leading to a wide range of GI symptoms from mild diarrhea to more debilitating long-term conditions such as Crohn’s disease.

Properties of RepliGut® Mucus

Harvested from primary human transverse colon epithelium

Mucins (including Muc2 and Muc5AC) are the most abundant proteins

Sterile derived in the absence of antibiotics

Free of bacterial protein, DNA, and metabolites

Biophysical/rheological properties similar to native human GI mucus

Human relevant glycosylation including sialic acid, succinyl and fucose groups

RepliGut® Mucus is structurally similar to native gut mucus

Atomic force microscopy image shows organization of the complex mucin polymeric network, similar to that of native GI mucus.

RepliGut® Mucus is extensively characterized

Confirmed glycosylation
Microbial growth and movement

RepliGut® Mucus in Comparison

Mucus Products
Gastrointestinal Origin
Free of bacterial DNA and Protein
Human Relevant
RepliGut® Mucus
Pig Gastric Mucins
Bovine Submaxillary Mucins
Recombinant Human Mucins
Human Nasal Mucus


Formulation compatibility

Concerned about permeability and bioavailability? Test how your formulation binds, moves or dissolves through the mucus layer

Microbial growth and phenotypes

Individually test how microbes utilize carbon from mucus or how mucus changes the growth and health of microbiome populations

Mucus degradation

Characterize mucolysis by nutritional enzymes, bacteria, or other molecules

Product Information

Order Code
Product Name
RepliGut® Mucus – Transverse Colon
Human intestinal mucus derived from transverse colon cultures
Viscous fluid, Greater than 1.0% solids, tested negative for bacteria

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