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Easy-to-use, cell-based models of the human gut

High throughput in vitro intestinal cell culture systems delivering human relevant pharmacological insights in a dish

RepliGut® Systems

RepliGut® Systems are a series of human primary cell model systems that recreate the human gastrointestinal epithelial cell barrier, representing multiple regions of the gut. Models deliver results that mimic in vivo response across a range of pharmacological applications including inflammation, toxicity, bioavailability, barrier function, and more.

The RepliGut® Difference

Replicates human biology

Replicates human biology using human donor stem cells to recreate different regions of the intestinal epithelium in vitro.

Decreased Animal-based Preclinical Studies

Physiologically relevant human data for greater confidence in decision making earlier in the drug discovery process and reducing the need for animal studies.

Reduces downstream timelines

Reduces downstream timelines and costs. RepliGut® models can provide results in as little as 2 weeks.

Accurate and Reproducible Data

Unique membrane supported configuration grants access to basal and apical compartments in all experimental phases.

RepliGut® Models are available through services or kits

Establishment of RepliGut® Planar Models

Human intestinal cell barrier model is organized as a single polarized layer of differentiated epithelial cells with tight junctions

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  •  We source human intestinal epithelial stem cells from donor tissue while upholding ethical standards.
  •  By expanding these stem cells, we can create a cryopreserved biobank that allows for multiple studies using the same donor.
  •  Our biobanked cells are carefully thawed and then directly seeded onto a semi-permeable membrane coated with a biomimetic scaffold.

Replicating Barrier Biology

RepliGut® Planar models are polarized monolayers that express tight junction proteins. All major cell lineages in physiologic ratios can be achieved.

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RepliGut® Planar Transverse Colon were stained for various cell lineage markers and functional protein markers.  Unlike spherical organoids, there is easy independent access to both the basal and apical surfaces in as soon as 7 days after thaw.

Multiple Donor Biobank

Ethically sourced biobank consisting of multiple intestinal regions from multiple donors enabling both cross-region and cross-donor studies

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Different demographic backgrounds to further enhance study data

Different demographic backgrounds to further enhance study data

Able to work with the same donor for years

Work with the same donor for multiple projects

Multiple regions available from small intestine and colon

Multiple regions available from small intestine and colon

Ethics Committee approved organ procurement

Ethics Committee approved organ procurement

Two Ways to Access RepliGut® Planar

RepliGut® Services

Whether you know exactly what you need, or want our project leads to consult, we are prepared to deliver superior results using RepliGut® Systems. Our supportive and consultative approach to project management leaves you in good hands.

Efficient and effective

Efficient and effective project design guided by project leads with hands-on experience

High success rate

High success rates with reliable timelines and consultation throughout.

Full visibility

Full visibility to ongoing work with frequent communication.

Supportive environment

Supportive environment of collaboration, a key ingredient to driving valuable, actionable insight.

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RepliGut® Kits

RepliGut® kits are available in both 12-well and 96-well plate formats  with semi-permeable membrane inserts to accommodate experimental need.   Each membrane insert is pre-coated with a biomimetic scaffold that optimally supports culturing these specialized intestinal epithelial cells.

RepliGut® kits are sold complete with the cells, plates, and media needed to culture this unique human intestinal epithelial model in your own facility.