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Custom RepliGut® Services

Let our experts help you get faster actionable data using RepliGut® Systems, the next generation of in vitro gut models

Supportive, Consultative Approach

Whether you know exactly what you want, or need our consultation, our PhD level project leads are there to help you use RepliGut® models to their fullest potential.

Passionate Partner

Efficient and effective project design guided by project leads with hands-on experience.

Project Ideas

Full visibility to ongoing work with frequent communication.

Necessary Materials

High success rates with reliable timelines and consultation throughout.

Collaborative Environment

Supportive environment of collaboration, a key ingredient to driving valuable, actionable insight.

Common Project Types


Intestinal Barrier Function

RepliGut® Models maintain barrier integrity with high TEER values. Compounds can be assessed for the potential to disrupt barrier function.

  • Measure changes to TEER
  • Assess tight junctions
  • Compare A>B and B>A transport

  • Inflammatory_Response

    Inflammatory Response

    Dosing and sampling of inflammatory cytokines can be performed in either the apical or basal compartments.

  • Apply inflammatory cytokines like TNFα or IFNγ
  • Measure changes to TEER
  • Measure cytotoxicity
  • Compare chemokine release apically or basally independently

  • Read more about InflammaScreenTM Services


    GI Toxicity

    GI toxicities are the most common adverse events during Phase 1 clinical trials. RepliGut® Models can be used to screen compounds for drug-induced GI toxicity early in the drug development process.

  • Apply compounds either apically or basally or both independently
  • Measure changes to TEER
  • Measure cytotoxicity
  • Test toxicity to proliferating cells independent of differentiated cells

  • Intestinal_Barrier_Function

    Intestinal Drug Disposition

    RepliGut® Planar offer a remarkable capability to assess the absorption or release of compounds, in a format similar to Caco-2 cells, with added benefit of the ability to perform studies with cells derived from various regions of the small intestine and colon and in multiple donors

  • Apply compounds either apically or basally or both independently
  • Calculate apparent permeability (Papp)
  • Compare A>B and B>A transport
  • Test in presence of inflammatory cytokines

  • Transwell Illustration

    Unlike spherical organoids, RepliGut® Planar cultures directly enable access to both apical and basal surfaces independently. The models are sequentially stimulated to proliferate then differentiate which further enriches understanding of cell type involvement in each endpoint

    Available Biological Endpoints

    • Transepithelial electrical resistance (TEER)
    • Permeability (Papp or % of control)
    • mRNA Expression (RT-PCR)
    • Cytotoxicity (ATP, LDH)
    • Protein Expression (ELISA or Luminex)
    • Immunocytochemisty
    • High Content Imaging

    Multiple Donor Biobank

    Ethically sourced biobank consisting of multiple intestinal regions from multiple donors enabling both cross-region and cross-donor studies

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