Our Mission

Altis’ mission is to provide scientific innovation, through collaborative relationships, by helping companies develop safer and more effective therapies to treat patients suffering from human disease. We support life science researchers by providing expertise and unique in vitro platforms to further their research and increase their understanding of human biology, while reducing the need for animal testing

A need for better models

In order to successfully advance a novel therapy through the drug development pipeline, it is crucial to select an appropriate model system early on. Model systems provide us with valuable insights into disease mechanisms and enable effective evaluation of potential treatments. However, the current lack of user-friendly pre-clinical pharmacological testing models for the human intestine significantly hinders our ability to develop new therapies for intestinal disorders. Additionally, it presents a challenge in ensuring the safe passage of orally administered treatments for other conditions through the gut without  unwanted side effects.

Pioneering Technology

Altis Biosystems has pioneered the creation of Repligut® Systems, a collection of in vitro models derived from stem cells and designed specifically for pre-clinical drug discovery. These innovative systems overcome the constraints of conventional cell lines and animal models, providing a highly accurate representation of human intestinal physiology.

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Harnessing the power of stem cells

Our flagship RepliGut® Planar models advance novel pharmaceuticals by harnessing the potential of human donor intestinal stem cells. These cells undergo a process of sequential proliferation and differentiation, ultimately transforming into the essential cell types found in the human gastrointestinal epithelium for use in drug discovery and development.

Reducing the need for animal models

Our RepliGut® Models, which accurately replicate the complex cellular lifecycle of the intestinal crypt, provide an exceptional platform for numerous applications. Derived from various regions of the intestine, they allow for compound screening, disease modeling, drug disposition analysis, toxicity assessments, efficacy studies, and fundamental research investigations. With their human-derived physiologically-relevant capabilities, our models have the power to vastly reduce the dependence on animal studies, in line with the transforming landscape of pre-clinical drug discovery.

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Hiring the best talent

At Altis Biosystems, we are proud to bring together a team of leading scientists who are dedicated to developing cutting-edge, efficient, scalable, and applicable products and services that support the acceleration of drug development. Our unwavering passion for scientific innovation and strong industry partnerships drive us to tackle every challenge and opportunity with enthusiasm and determination, recognizing that our proactive approach is crucial for achieving success.

Ready to Go With Your Gut?

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