Capturing the Complexity of the Human Gut

Our goal is to enable pharmaceutical companies to identify effective compounds earlier, before clinical trials; to reduce animal testing; and to make the drug development process faster, cheaper, and safer.

RepliGut Systems: The next generation of gut models

The RepliGut® Planar model is a reproducible and scalable human intestine platform that is suitable for studying many aspects of drug disposition and pharmacology including toxicity, metabolism, drug absorption, and efficacy.

GI Toxicity

Screen compounds for drug-induced GI toxicity earlier in development

Intestinal Barrier Function

Characterize barrier integrity in response to challenges

Inflammatory Response

Evaluate pro- and anti- inflammatory effects of new modalities

Intestinal Drug Disposition

Broaden bioavailability insights compared to Caco-2 cells

The current lack of user-friendly pre-clinical pharmacological testing models

The need for better human intestinal models

The current lack of user-friendly pre-clinical pharmacological testing models for the human intestine significantly hinders our ability to develop new therapies for intestinal disorders. Additionally, it presents a challenge in ensuring the safe passage of orally administered treatments for other conditions through the gut without unwanted side effects.

RepliGut® Systems

Altis Biosystems has pioneered the creation of Repligut®
Systems, a collection of in vitro models derived from stem cells and designed specifically for pre-clinical drug discovery. RepliGut® models are designed to replicate the complex structure of the human small intestine and colonic epithelium using a standard user friendly format.

RepliGut models deliver valuable data insights, rapid screening capabilities, and an unparalleled biobank of ethically sourced donor intestinal cells, paving the way for more effective compound screening, disease modeling, and microbiome research.

Derived from adult human donor stem cells

Reducing the need for animals

Derived from adult human donor stem cells, these innovative systems overcome the constraints of conventional cell lines and animal models, providing a highly accurate representation of human intestinal physiology.

Through the replication of native human biology, we are able to deliver a wealth of physiologically relevant preclinical insights, ultimately enhancing the performance of clinical trials and diminishing the necessity for animal testing.

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