GI Toxicity Services

Introducing a 96-well, human relevant, in vitro assay to predict gastrointestinal side effects.

RepliGut® StemTox™ Assay Services

The RepliGut® StemTox™ Assay, a 5-day, adult human intestinal stem cell-based assay, offers both barrier formation and cytotoxicity indicators, enabling the prediction of GI toxicity with an accuracy of up to 93%.

What is the RepliGut® Platform?

Learn how we developed RepliGut® Planar models from primary human intestine.

StemTox™ Assay data

Download our poster presented at Applied Pharmaceutical Toxicology (2024).

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With StemTox™ Services, you can:

  • Predict risk of intestinal epithelial side effects earlier in development.
  • Leverage a simplified study design to get what you need, fast.

  • Expect exceptional reproducibility and data quality.

StemTox Curves Image
Dose-response curves of 4 diarrheagenic compounds and two negative controls

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